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“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein

So, I started cleaning yesterday, or maybe it was the night before. I just got this burst of energy and felt like no better time than the present to try getting some organization in my life. I thought the dresser top would be a good first start, considering it was no more a dresser than a twelve month layer cake of dust, every tag to every piece of clothing I had bought in the last year (in case I decided to return them, which to those of you close to me know exactly how superfluous that habit is…I’m too lazy to return anything),  at least a half dozen bottles of half used miracle creams, hairsprays, eye shadows, perfumes, a bear skin rug’s worth of kitty fur, and one exercise-ball sized knot of jewelery I’ve been meaning wrestle with. :)

So mid-cleaning, I am limping around with feather duster in hand when all of a sudden all the fire alarms in my condo start screaming, which was especially scary since no one was cooking, and the main alarm not only makes a drum piercing screech, but also yells in a calm voice strangely similar to the GPS girl, “FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!”. So, I came hobbling out of my room as fast as my ace wrapped, drain dangling leg could propel me and started screaming at Jamaica to help me grab the cats and get outside. My dad was at the store with the car, and I own only one cat carrier, so in my mind I was picturing dumping his suitcase, tackling the kitties and having Jamaica sit on the suitcase while I zip them in, then finding someway that I could ride on Jamaica’s back down the stairs in our underwear, holding the suitcase full of kitties outside to safety. Luckily, my much wiser cousin stuck her head out in the hallway and discovered that no other alarms were going off, and it was just our apartment. So before dumping daddy’s suitcase, I decided to call the building manager and asked him why all my alarms would be going off with no cooking or candles or other smoking device going off. Being that there have been a good amount of issues with my place since purchase, my tone was rather irritated, especially in light of his bewilderment.  So we started knocking off the possible causes. He said batteries…couldn’t be, all five were going off at the same time.  Testing?….also nope.  Last but not least, sometimes LARGE builds up of DUST can cause them to go off…oops.

So as my dad (who made it home just in time for the chaos) was frantically ripping down the alarms to turn them off, the feather duster dropped from my hand, along with the irate tone in my voice, as I explained to my building manager that I had decided to do a little Spring 2008 cleaning, so it must have been the toxic cloud of dust and cat fur that set off the alarm.  :)   Moral of the story, not only can an outrageous build up of dust and fur force one to have to carry masking tape in one’s purse as a permanent accessory, but more importantly can cause heart-stopping, leg-straining, cat-panicking full fire alarms. Not to mention elicit various scowls of disgust and horror as I am sure are now painted on your good-thing-you-love-me faces, as you all read this. LOL

The point in sharing this story is that I am feeling pretty good. The extra hours on my feet that night caused some swelling in my leg which along with one of my drains popping a valve, caused me to panic and I went to the on call doctor yesterday who said that the swelling is just from being up, NOT a sign of lymphedema, that my stapled incision is looking great, and removed one of my two drains. After the reassurance from the nurse practitioner, my dad and I walked around in the beautiful 85 degree weather, and also visited a bead shop where I picked up some things to keep me busy.  The need for pain medication is getting lower and lower. I am spending more time on my feet, aaannnd… I finally peeled apart the jewelery ball and discovered things I haven’t worn or seen since I lived in Seattle…all of which are taking  part in raising my spirits and preparing me for my ongoing battle.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow with the oncology team that will be handling my Interferon treatment. There is a chance that they will have the pathology results available, but more likely with that many nodes to dissect, I will have to wait for my appointment with my surgeon next week.  We will be meeting to discuss my recovery, and plan for when we will be starting the Interferon treatment. I will update you all as soon as I know.

So for now I am continuing with my organizing, planning on having daddy give me a box every couple of days that may or may not have been gone through since any of my moves in the last five years…lol. That’s all for now, except at the risk of being one of those annoying pet-parents that bombards everyone the come across with photos of their furry surrogate babies… I am attaching a couple more shots of my lovies, doing their part by helping me relax. :)

That's what I wanna be next....

That's what I wanna be next....

Unlike Stink, he has no problems being cooed at...

Unlike Stink, he has no problems being cooed at...

Stink-stink in her favorite position.

Stink-stink in her favorite position.

Stink-stink tolerating my camera cooing...

Stink-stink tolerating my camera cooing...

5 comments to “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein

  • GG

    I love the pictures of your babies! I read an article that pets help us humans heal faster. When I was recuperating from my last surgery, I remember my daughter’s kitten (she lives in my first floor apartment) coming upstairs to visit me and insisting on sitting on my lap for hours. I do believe her special attention helped me – it was so endearing. I know your babies sense that something is going on with you and they are rallying to help you!

  • auntie L

    TT, That is precious: you are definitely a Traylor; the cleaning, the setting off alarms, the irate-then-oh,-nevamind. Thank you for sharing your day with us. I am so glad you are feeling better. XXXOOO
    auntie L.

  • cynthia

    God loves you so much, you will come out in victory, our prayers are with you always, cyn

    p.s. gotta get our cats to meet each other (especially your “nutso” (stinko) (my pet name for our nuts, since mine is “my’lady) don’t we each have another cat (we could call them “cat” because as opposed to our “other” they are “Cat” – i think you know what i mean?~

    p.p.s. daddys are so cool, always love them as much as they (and more, sometimes they have a tough time showing it) love you!

    p.p.p.s. (or psss?!) yippee on news today, see? lots of love and prayers, cyn

  • Terisa…you have surely missed your calling…you need to write a book…you would be famous. What better thing to keep you occupied? You definitely have a talent for it.
    I was so incredibly happy for you with your news yesterday…your Mom is still taking care of you sweetie!!
    I love you and keep up the great sprit!
    love you…Auntie El

  • Cheryl

    Hi Terisa,
    Stink and Mia are definitely related!!
    As everyone else has mentioned the more you write the more healing I think it will be for you. All those feelings about your Mom are so welled up inside still, you just need to write a book, thats all!! Dads are amazing and your Dad is especially!

    I sent you something, should arrive in a couple of days ok.

    Keep being positive and know this is your challenge right now and as stubborn as you can be, you are in charge of it, its not in charge of you!!! hrumph!!! :)
    Love you
    Aunt Cheryl

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